About us

HAUSMART is one of the leading provider of building envelope products. It was established as a direct result of architectural needs for contemporary products, sophisticated solutions and tradition and craftsmanship dating as far as 2004. When the modern trends in architectural and building design shifted from round and complicated in late 90’s to very simple, edgy and plain designs at the beginning of the new century, we have started to look for products to fulfill those needs.

In 2011, our luxury division based in Austria had started with an idea to bring the architects in a direct cooperation and together with their direct influence create a product range that will be timeless, yet contemporary enough to succeed in the most competitive segments of the market.

First version of our trend setting designer range windows was launched in 2013 in cooperation with many renowned European architects. It was named RAND which represents a German word for “edge” and it determined the direction we were about to head to.

Today, in cooperation with the best suppliers in central EU we have taken our ever developing contemporary design and performance to just another level and our latest line of windows proves that windows don’t ever have to be a boring product, but it can actually create and enhance emotions. Our windows are designed to offer highest possible level of performance in combination with state of the art craftsmanship. That should always represent great value for money.