designer range of windows

Get enchanted with a designer range of windows of the highest quality based on minimalist lines and subtlety that, together with frameless line of windows FRAMELITE, is a trendsetter of modern architecture.

Our RAND designer range proves that windows don’t have to be just boring windows with ordinary frame and sash. Windows can have a character which can contribute to the individual nature of your house - and we are open to new ideas on how to make our products even more appealing. Do you have your own idea?

“Never say something can’t be done because then somebody else turns up, who doesn’t know it can’t be done and does it.”


window interior

The sash integration behind the window frame allows the actual window glazing from the outside which eliminates the need for interior glazing beads. This results in clean lines, not interrupted from any angle. Sharper edges give it the modern look that today´s modern architecture desires.

open window

RAND line

RAND “Line” design achieves maximum window integration into the wall. This flush effect can be ideally achieved when placing window into the wall with the same surface finish, however placing it into different wall structure finish can create an interesting unobtrusive element of the interior.

RAND line | wooden wall
RAND line | plaster wall
RAND line | bottom
RAND line | wooden wall
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RAND inglass | concrete wall

RAND optima

Pure lines of RAND optima windows will always provide that modern touch to interior of your home, regardless of the installation method. This line of RAND optima windows can be fitted with either modern flush or classical interior frame design to fit your design specifications.

RAND | standard frame
RAND | flush frame
RAND | standard frame
RAND | bottom

we don't make windows
we just frame the most beautiful views

For you to enjoy magnificent scenery of your view, we had focused on developing new frameless systems for maximum synergy with your home. That allows for maximum transparency and spacious feel often called as bringing the outside in. And vice versa.

RAND is a German word for “edge” which is so characteristic for cubistic-square shapes contemporary design.

exterior design of the window

Integration of the sash behind the window frame opened whole new world of possibilities for installation of windows from the exterior. Whether it comes to concealed frame or visible frame fitting, it always represents an interesting architectural detail of the house.

RAND wood

Even when fitted with visible frame, RAND wood windows will always be superior to classical construction timber windows. The uniqueness of their flat surfaces enhances truly contemporary feel, both inside and outside.

RAND integral

Revolutionary look, enhanced by invisible frame on fixed windows. All-glass surface windows fitted into the actual house insulation makes our windows virtually maintenance free. And since the weakest point of window performance is always its frame, it makes our windows superior in thermal insulation.

RAND integral plus

In some cases, when the house construction allows the drainage through the facade, we can use INTEGRAL PLUS system with invisible cill. This way, we can achieve the cleanest possible exterior lines.

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RAND skywall | concrete wall

RAND skywall

RAND skywall - unique design of windows where the outside pane of glass is dragged over the window sash and can be installed flush with facade exterior surface. That creates very unprecedented and breathtaking detail.

RAND skywall | opening
RAND skywall | fixed
RAND skywall | opening
RAND skywall | fixed
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Lift and slide doors RAND panorama

In today’s modern architecture, large-area sliding doors are becoming a dominating factor of modern houses. With new frameless design, our fixed windows become even more interesting house element. The opening part of window than creates a transition and connection between the inside of your home and surrounding environment in a completely new perspective.

frameless fixed windows FRAMELITE

The purest detail with no disturbing elements, just glass surface: these are frameless windows 'FRAMELITE' - ideal for modern architecture. From the sunlight transmission point of view, the best results are being achieved with the thinnest possible frame – so what about not having any at all?

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In 2012, the idea of creating completely new generation of windows began to shape. We left behind everything that for decades represented classical window design and created new revolutionary window RAND. At first, we focused primarily on the highest quality and modern design, but the latest generation of RAND windows must comply with simple characteristics – to be perfect in every way.

focused on design

Designer range of windows for modern architecture, this was the principal idea behind designing RAND windows, and we will never leave our commitment. RAND windows are simple, minimalist but full of emotions and expressive in detail. Irrationality of traditional shapes transformed into clean lines and flush surfaces, letting the natural wood grain excel in all its glory.

energy efficient

Unique innovative design of RAND windows with the extra width of the frame and subtler sash lets much more desirable light inside while it minimizes possible heat loss and maximizes heat gains. When fitted as INTEGRAL (embedding the window frame into house insulation leaving only glass visible) the thermal insulation is virtually unbeatable.

maintenance free

Variability of RAND windows allows the frame to be installed completely hidden behind a facade (embedding the window frame into house insulation leaving only glass visible). Apart from excellent performance, this solution also makes these windows virtually maintenance-free.


Although being variable, due to our sophisticated system coherence, RAND windows maintain its compatibility with all our other products. Windows, frameless windows, sliding or entrance doors, they all create sophisticated complex of the house design elements.


RAND opens up completely new creative possibilities for architects and designers. You can choose from different wood characteristics, their finishes and handles. However, RAND windows also give you the possibility to modify the interior and exterior design, which allows variety of fitting to adapt its windows character to perfectly fit any house.

environmentally friendly

We care a lot about our production being environmentally friendly and for decades we have developed and manufactured products with a special focus on the energy-efficiency of our windows, all-glass systems, front doors and terrace doors without negatively affecting durability and longevity.

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