Finish is special surface treatment of material through putting layers of material, in case of wood most often lacquer. It is used particularly to improve resistance to abrasion, increased temperature, for improving surface properties as well as better look.

Wooden surface parts of windows and entrance doors are most often treated with four-layer process of highly elastic acrylic paints and glazing with excellent resistance to weather conditions and protection against UV radiation. Such treatment respects wood properties, is flexible and moves together with wood and therefore does not crack. Today’s trend is finish using natural oils and waxes. It preserves the most natural look of wood. Their resistance is not, however, so big thus they are suitable especially for composite windows or for wooden windows in two-color design in the interior.

four-layer finish:

  • deep impregnation by dipping in a soaking vat (protection against fungi and moulds)
  • color impregnation by dipping in a soaking vat (bottom toning under top glazing)
  • filler application (for smoother surface)
  • high-pressure application of one glazing layer 300 microns thick

alternatives of surface finish:

  • glazing of various shades
  • topcoat shades according to color sample RAL or NCS
  • two-color design – interior/exterior, leaf/frame
  • oils, waxes
  • glazing according to color sample RAL