They are located in insulation glazing along its perimeter and join individual glass panes into one unit. Glass spacers are either metal, plastic-metal or plastic.

alternatives of glass spacers

Metal spacers are either stainless or aluminium.

Plastic-metal spacer is a spacer profile for manufacture of insulation glass belonging to the family of “warm edge” profiles ensuring warm edge of insulation glass. The profile is constituted of balanced combination of plastic and metal. Basic material is plastic – polypropylene (known for its low heat conductivity) that is coated with very thin shell of special stainless steel (0,1 mm). Profile cladding from the side of butyl and outer sealant prevents reliably from penetrating humidity inside, leakage outside and ensures optimum adhesion of these sealants to the profile. Mutual combination of both materials gives excellent mechanical and thermal-insulation characteristics. Its big advantage as compared to other warm spacers is that it can be bent at corners which create a reliable barrier to gas leakage from insulation glass.

Plastic warm spacer with “warm edge” is made of special material enriched by fibreglass. This insulation material was tested for instance in the field of space research and is fully recyclable. Extremely thin foil of special steel or aluminium that covers spacer body ensures sealing against humidity, prevents gas leakage and creates optimum conditions for adhesion of sealants. This spacer cannot be bent and for joining at corners the technology of gluing or welding is used.

color scheme:

  • aluminium
  • stainless
  • black
  • dark gray
  • light gray
  • dark brown
  • light brown
  • white