Hardware for entrance doors

Front or entrance doors put special requirements on protection against burglary. They are always fitted with locks on the handle side and hinges on the other side. On a standard basis, we recommend safety multipoint locks and hinges with pins. However, entrance doors can be equipped with just an ordinary lock with one latch. This option is not recommended for house main entrances but rather for instance for garages or lobbies.

Multipoint lock will secure entrance doors in several points with latches. All of them are controlled with one handle at a time. Without locking with key, just when leaving door leaf ajar,

the latches get automatically activated and the door is secured. After latches stick out, they stop to move and change into locking bolts and cannot be pushed back. Closed doors get open from outside with key and from inside with handle.

hinges for entrance doors

For improved safety hinges with pins resistant to unhinging are used. They are easily adjustable in all three directions with Allen wrench. As they have high bearing capacity, they can be used also for large leaves of entrance doors. Exposed parts are equipped with covers.

color scheme:

  • white
  • brown
  • bronze
  • matt nickel
  • matt chromium
  • brass

The economic alternative is adjustable screw hinge with covers. They are particularly suited for historical entrance doors as they can be equipped with historical covers. We do not recommend this option for entrance doors that open to outside. Hinges have white or yellow zinc on the surface.

thresholds for entrance doors

They separate thermally inner and outer space, prevent heat flow and leakage and help attain significant energy savings. In addition, our floor thresholds are characterized by high stability.


On all delivered hinges Allen bolts can be seen that serve for accurate window adjustment. This aesthetic imperfection is resolved using covers. Covers are made both in simple design and in historicist styles with several surface treatment methods.