Folding shutters protects you from sun, rain, ice, snow, wind and therefore, their quality has to be supreme. Aluminium in terms of materials proved to be the best choice in this case.

Shutter for windows and doors with adjustable blades depending on the needs of light or for protection from atmospheric agents.

SHUTTER 50 X 70:

Shutters with frame dimensions 50mm x 70mm are installed till the window frame. The shutter frame can be fixed on the window through machining holes with self-tapping screws or in a classical way using turbo screws and fixing it directly in the window hole.

A rolling or sliding insect screen of any producer can be installed in to the shutter frame.

Shutter frame can be attached to the window frame and together they can be incorporated on the building as one unit. This type of shutter frame is suitable for installation of metal fence by French type of balcony windows.

It is very suitable for old buildings because its construction depth covers a sufficient part of window hole that may be damaged when removing the existing joinery.

Shutters offer the perfect solution for buildings with styrofoam insulation. They can also be installed before installing the insulation by previously adjusting the necessary throw out of shutter wing.


Shutters with frame dimensions 30mm x 45mm are installed till the window frame. Such an elegant frame is designed for integration of Eux insect screen that is placed between window and shutter frame.

Insect screen is placed in the same plane with the frame 30mm x 45mm so that it visually looks like a single unit.

Shutters can be installed regardless of the thickness of the polystyrene isolation. They can be installed before installing the isolation by previously adjusting the necessary throw out of shutter wing.


Shutters offer the possibility of direct installation on the window frame regardless of whether the window is made out of PVC, aluminium or wood.

This is an excellent solution for Styrofoam facades, or installation of shutters before setting up the Styrofoam facade.


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