EXCELLENT Class 82 MD Aluclad

EXCELLENT Class 82 MD window, based on BRÜGMANNBE 82 profile is an excellent product which helps to minimalize the energy consumption. Straight casement and a wide range of glazing beads will meet the requirements concerning the current appearance of windows. 3 mm walls made from polyvinyl chloride meet all construction and environmental standards. The possibility of use of various glazing units, more than 40 colours, perfect thermal insulation and a wide range of use give PETECKI EXCELLENT Class 82 MD a competitive edge. Because of its excellent parameters, it is often used in single-family and multi-family dwellings.


heat transfer coefficient Uw 92mm (at Ug 0,5W/m2K) 0,72W/m2K
heat transfer coefficient Uw 92mm (at Ug 0,6W/m2K) 0,79W/m2K
heat transfer coefficient Uw 78mm (at Ug 0,8W/m2K) 1,0W/m2K
heat transfer coefficient Uw 78mm (at Ug 1,1W/m2K) 1,2W/m2K
heat transfer coefficient Uw 68mm (at Ug 1,0W/m2K) 1,2W/m2K
heat transfer coefficient Uw 68mm (at Ug 1,1W/m2K) 1,3W/m2K
building depth 68, 78, 92mm
sound insulation 33-48dB
standard glazing 4/16/4
number of gaskets 2


Our CLASSIC range of windows is manufactured from engineered timbers like spruce, oak, pine and larch originating from local, sustainable forests. The only exceptions are exotic Meranti, quite unique American walnut and Burmese teak, which are originating from sustainable forests abroad.

For maximum protection, our windows finish can be selected from numerous stain finish options, extensive range of paints, natural oil stains or other atypical finishes which enhance its natural beauty. Alternative bi-color finish design is also available.

For outstanding heat insulation we use triple-pane glazing with high performance spacers as a standard. Nevertheless, double glazed windows are optional and can be made to special order. Glass variety is starting with clear glass, however, numerous obscure glass options including sandblasted and other special made to order patterned glasses are available. For security and legal reasons we use high quality laminated or toughen glass, where obligatory. Most of the triple and double units are also available with soundproof glass.

For better comfort and safety we use variety of fittings systems, including concealed and concealed fittings specially designed for flush window systems. These are essential in minimalistic modern window design. Their special design allows lay the sash flush with the window frame to create desirable flat surface. All of our fittings have basic anti burglary protection which can be extended to high security standard design.

For enhanced window appearance we offer variety of color choices to aesthetically match various visible components like drips, gaskets, silicone and glass spacers. Based on special order, we can also supply custom made matching cills, sun-shading systems and other accessories of highest quality.


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