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Horizontal aluminium blinds, also called discrete blinds are characterised by the fact that the openings for strings are situated near the edge of the feathers, and the applied ladder has a reduced jump of the cross-bars. Thus in the closed position, the string openings are invisible in this type of blinds (as in the standard horizontal blinds), since an offset hole in one feather is covered by the edge of another feather.

Timeless design, precise construction of individual lamellas and easy control – these are the features of the high-quality blind system. The extraordinary character of the interior shading is based on the construction of the upper profile. This solution will ensure the minimum penetration of light between the first lamella and the profile.

This blind system is a practical aid that allows as much light through as you need. If you wish, we can cover the upper profile, lower profile and lamellas in proportionate wood imitation.

Advantages and benefits

  • timeless design
  • minimum penetration of light between the first lamella and the upper profile
  • greater rigidity of the upper profile
  • low control force
  • colour of the profile according to the RAL sampler or coated in renolite with imitation wood
  • high-quality blinds as a result of the manufacturing procedure.


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