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Trends vary also in the shades industry. The industry has advanced and developed, and there are many new technical solutions available nowadays.

This year’s latest innovation on the market is the exterior blind Krater which combines the universal installation, immediate readiness for use. It is independent of the facade phase, there is a solid design variety available, and there are many other benefits which caused the product to become a real sales hit. Some of the reasons why to choose this external blinds variation in particular are presented below.


  • Extremely easy to mount in only a few steps (the complete system, the blind as well as the insect screen are already installed in the box, which is mounted on guide rails and attach them to the window),
  • Because the cost for measurements and multi-phase installation can be avoided (the dimensions are defined at the same time as for the windows, and the installation takes place at the same time too)
  • Its design is compact and modern,
  • It is suitable for concealed (completely hidden) or visible mounting,
  • It enables a simple application of facade on window opening sides,
  • An integrated roller insect screen and be installed immediately or later,
  • You can use any exterior blind profile you want,
  • It enables you to shade the room even before facade is completed,
  • It allows many colour and design combinations,
  • A crank handle control is available, as well as a motor drive control, or remote control,
  • The product as such has been developed and manufactured in Roletarstvo Medle, which makes it very affordable,
  • The product does not follow the trends, it dictates them. The proof for this is a tremendous interest expressed at the World’s Blinds Fair in Stuttgart in March 2012, where it was presented for the first time,
  • Because we simply have to include it in our offer, if we are to satisfy the customers who follow trends and want something more than just a common external blind,


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