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Roller blinds are currently the most popular way of covering windows from direct sunlight in Poland, which, in addition to the practical advantages, constitutes a very impressive interior decoration. They are available in several varieties, depending on the method of installation. Vertex has a wide range of products within this product group, in its own systems of fabric shades. A wide range of fabrics in our catalogue allows you to choose the colour and pattern according to your expectations.

The main advantages include a thermo-regulating and protective effect and a decrease in the level of external noise. As part of our exterior products, there are screen roller blinds which are partially transparent and give exteriors a unique appearance. Blinds from the Zetta series are very popular among clients and due to the special form of the lamella, ensure perfect shading.

Other types of shading: Fabric shading, Roof roller blinds, Shading roller blinds, Exterior roller blinds, Screen roller blinds.


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