Window hardware

Timber windows, composite windows and sliding doors are made in various versions and respective hardware are mounted according to their types and designs. Hardware are controlled with a handle, have several positions and provide opening, closing, tilting, sliding, micro-ventilation or locking. We only use hardware that are distinguished by high-quality material and good workmanship for long service life. Special coating protects hardware against corrosion.

hardware for wooden and composite windows

All windows and balcony doors are equipped with hardware around the whole periphery. The hardware enable to control windows through bell pins using a single handle and secure multi-point safe closure of the entire window. Hardware are hidden in the rabbet along the perimeter and visible parts are equipped with covers.

design alternatives:

  • exposed hardware – as to face hardware metal pins are visible at the hinge side that can be equipped with covers.
  • concealed hinges – as to hidden hardware the otherwise face hardware are hidden in window rabbet and view of the window is not anyhow disturbed.
  • hardware for rabbet-free windows – such hardware helped windows achieve the top of minimalist look. Thanks for the function that puts the leaf before the frame at opening the window leaf can fit with frame in one surface.
  • safety hardware – hardware can be supplemented with components for increased safety. Using various types of closure frame counterparts you can select required safety degree.
  • locking of hardware – hardware can be equipped with leaf locking through which it will be stopped at certain position.
  • heavy-duty hardware for oversized windows – now it is possible to make opening hinged windows with the size we have not even dreamt of a few years ago. Exact limit borders do not exist, all depends on the algorithm of leaf height, width and weight.


With flush, fully concealed hardware, all your windows become design elements in the room.


Various security levels according to standardised burglary resistance as specified in EN 1627 to 1630.

Surface finish

Rust doesn’t stand a chance – the best surface finish, to match the field of application and degree of use.


Sash lifter with integrated mishandling device as standard.

Special formats

Round, pitched or triangular: all window types and formats.


Seven mechanical ventilation versions for timber and PVC windows, also optionally available for retrofitting.

Specialty safety hardware

Why to go for safety hardware?

  • 82 % of offenders enter family houses through windows and terrace doors and not, as we mistakenly assume, through entrance doors
  • over 70 % of housebreakers pry open windows very easily and quietly with an ordinary screwdriver
  • what is also very frequent is drilling through window frame and turning handle using ordinary wire
  • most of such cases are committed by accidental unprofessional thieves who want to get in the house as quietly and rapidly as possible. In case they encounter resistance, they will try the next house.

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How to prevent prying open window?

  • through installation hardware with improved safety – safety set comprising combination of safety turning T-shaped roller pins and safety closures. By inserting safety pins into the grooves of safety closures windows can be very efficiently secured against pry open.
  • safety handle with blocking button or lockable insert prevent drilling through window and turning handle by means of wire. Unless the button is pressed or lock unlocked, handle cannot be manipulated.

If you still intend to enhance window safety, safety components can add to standard hardware. Handle with lock serves also as child lock whereby child cannot open the lock and open window at the same time. Windows equipped with safety elements can face professionally equipped robbers