The wood, as a building material, is still as popular as ever. It is aesthetic, natural and – if properly selected and maintained – exceptionally durable. Designers, architects and investors are free to choose from a wide range of different kinds of engineered timber types in order to give their houses the most distinctive character. There is also a lot of engineered timbers from exotic wood, whose beauty is quite original and whose physical properties are different from those of local wood.

It goes without saying that wood is a highly prestigious material and this is just the material that we use to manufacture products which might suit your taste.

Here are the advantages of using wood:

  • warmth: it fills the inside of the room,
  • beauty: satisfying the tastes of the most demanding people,
  • durability: not provided by any other material,
  • peace: due to its soundproof abilities,
  • economy: due to the insulating properties,
  • health: because of its hygroscopic properties and natural humidifying of the air,
  • ecology: caring about the environment,
  • comfort: in everyday use,
  • trust and safety: having been used for centuries,
  • diversity: lots of various types, exotic and local ones.


Ecological attitude towards material The wood that we offer also our customers has the FSC Certificates which proves that it comes from legal and traditionally exploited sources and that all possible measures were taken there to minimize negative effects on the environment. Among the types of wood which have the FSC Certificate are, among others, exotic Meranti and local Pine tree. We feel co-responsible for the future of our planet and therefore, together with others we are trying to do our best to build up ecological awareness and not to do anything that might lead to worsening of the situation.

Types of engineered timber

Basic woody plants for manufacture of wooden windows, composite windows or entrance doors are spruce, oak, pine, larch and meranti, but they can also be made of exotic woods such as American walnut, Burmese teak, American oak, American Cherry, ash, birch or beech.

  • Spruce – the most used and cheapest domestic woody plant for manufacture of wooden windows and doors. The wood is soft, light, solid and durable in dry conditions. Spruce timbers guarantee product stability and durability. It is provided as connected or in fixed lengths.
  • Oak – hard, solid and durable woody plant, rather porous on the surface. It has worse thermal-insulation properties as compared to coniferous tree species. Connected or fixed, glued timber.
  • Meranti – exotic, hard woody plant guaranteeing product stability and dimensional permanency. Timbers are made only in non-connected lamellas. Wood color has red-brown shade and porous structure on the surface. For large volumes of trunk individual pieces can have various shades.
  • Pine – the second most used domestic woody plant for manufacture of windows and doors. The wood has more distinct structure and grain, it is suitable under glazing, but cannot be applied under white color due to yellowing, the reason being large amount of resins contained in the wood. Connected or fixed timber.
  • Larch – highly regarded woody plant for its properties similar to oak. Only fixed timbers.

engineered timber

Connected timber is a timber linked using dovetail joint. The reason is unacceptable imperfection of woody plants that are cut out and then timber is linked with dovetail joint. As compared to fixed timber, the advantage of dovetail timber is lower price. The drawback is visible joint that, however, disappears under darker glazing and topcoat. Dovetail joint can also be on fixed Euro timbers at excessive lengths.


FSC | we love wood and protect forests

We respond to planet’s endangered ecosystems and now offer our products with FSC certification – guaranteeing environmentally friendly origin of wood. FSC mark guarantees that wood was not logged illegally and comes from the woods managed in a nature friendly way. FSC certificate ensures fair wages, occupational safety and the possibility of training for people who work in forests and woodworking industry.

woody plants for individual products

various types of wood materials are used for various profiles and types of wooden windows:

  • three- or four-layer, glued Timbers, depending on building depths, are used for frames and leaves of Euro-windows, composite windows, frames of entrance doors and for frame structures of entrance doors as well as for sliding windows or winter gardens
  • two-layer, glued timbers are used for frames and leaves of scuntion windows
  • jamb of scuntion windows is made of piedroit
  • leaves of smooth entrance doors are made of PUR panels. It is a massive wooden frame filled with highly insulation material cladded with waterproof plyboards.